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We’ve got a lure for every dog.

Has your dog ever chased a squirrel, ball, or friend? Join us at an event to cheer your dog on as they chase, herd, and stalk an artificial lure, as the whole family enjoys the draw of dog sport. We provide lure coursing to dogs of all breeds, backgrounds, and experience level, with pet parents from all walks of life.

We’re all about the photo finish.

Our Services

Whether you run with us at one of our stand alone events, try our course at a pet event or expo, see us running shelter dogs at your local humane society, or are looking to run your own Downtown Hound Lure course… We’ve got a lure with your name on it.

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Ready to run your own course?

We offer franchise opportunities nation wide. Empowering you to experience the thrill of dog sport business ownership with the support of your new Downtown team.

Our Story

Grace Sheridan

Founder / CEO

Grace started Downtown Hound Lure Course in 2021 after finding that her newly adopted dog loved the sport, but her reactivity made participation difficult. Since then, Grace has focused on creating a course that all dogs feel welcome on, no matter their background or circumstances.

Downtown Hound operates courses all over the state of Florida, and now even offers franchise opportunities nationwide. We take pride in making this sport accessible to people who may have never even considered dog sport. Our course is a place for everyone and every dog.

Every dog has a spot on our course. Dog sport should be no more than another way to enjoy your furry family member. I take pride in creating an inclusive, welcoming sporting environment.

Grace Sheridan
Founder/CEO ・ Downtown Hound Lure Course


Our Location

Although we are based out of Tampa Florida, we travel all over the country to provide course opportunities. We provide Franchise options nation wide so be sure to find a course near you!

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