Just keep running.

Downtown Hound was founded in 2020 in Orlando FL, with our first run being a few short months later in 2021. We specialize in lure coursing, with a focus on presenting events that are welcoming and fun for dogs and owners of all experience levels.

Whether you’re running at a Downtown Hound event, running our course at a pet expo, or trying out the sport for the first time at a fun run, you’ll get to experience the joy of watching your dog chase, herd, and stalk an artificial lure that’s operated by one of our friendly professionals. While on the course, dogs run one at a time, and if course size permits, dogs from the same household are welcome to run together.

The Benefits

The Run That Just Keeps Giving.

Mental stimulation

Chasing the lure gives your dog a safe environment to explore their natural prey drive. Watch your dog come to life as they feel the draw of natural instinct.

Physical exercise

Coursing is an excellent source of physical exercise. By controlling the dog’s speed and duration, this activity promotes healthy movement and helps you achieve your dog’s fitness goals.

Satisfied dogs

After just a few rounds on the course, your dogs will be tired and physically and mentally satisfied. This allows you to live your life while your dog happily naps after a run well done.

What we do.

Downtown Hound Hosted Events

Join us at one of our own events to have your dog make a dash in a welcoming, relaxed environment. We run large fun runs for dogs looking to learn the activity, and pros looking to condition their run times. We also do 100yd. Fast Dashes, and special events like color runs, and evening lighted runs. We run all over state and even offer a free one year Bronze Run Club membership to anyone who leads us to a Fast Dash size appropriate piece of land we can host on.

Pet Festivals

If you’ve run with us at a pet festival, you know we love being the heart to any event. The courses at these events are usually small sample courses. If you’d like to run in bigger locations check out our Downtown Hound events.

Course And Equipment Rentals

Running your own dog event? We’ll bring the course! Rent our services at an hourly rate and provide a true coursing experience at your event. we bring everything you’d need. We also offer equipment rentals to experienced clubs. Please note that equipment rental is only available to clubs who have operated courses in the past. Otherwise we are happy to provide an experienced operator for safety.

Franchise Opportunities

Ready to run your own Downtown Hound Lure Course? We offer nationwide franchise opportunities. Experience support, training, and continued run community guidance. Be apart of the DT Hound network and be the dog sport provider in your area.

Membership Options

Downtown Hound offers multiple membership packages that keeps your dog running. With a level to fit every budget, memberships save you money and even provide free runs. Have access to community, run prizes, and run resources. Click the membership button below to join the Run Club.


Our Location

Although our home base is in Tampa Florida, we run all over the state and offer the opportunity to franchise your own Downtown Hound Lure Course nation wide. If you are looking for your next course run, check out our events calendar or reach out to us to see when we’ll be in your area!

Thinking about joining our team?

Downtown Hound offers franchising opportunities nation wide. Run your own coursing business with unprecedented support.