Come run with us! Downtown Hound is a non competitive, mobile canine lure course. Book us for your event or catch us around the state and watch your dog try their paw at chasing the lure. All breeds and backgrounds welcome!

What is Lure Coursing?

Has your dog ever chased a ball, squirrel, or lizard? If you answered yes, then your dog is showing you some of their natural prey drive! Lure coursing allows dogs to act on their natural prey drive in a fun, safe atmosphere by chasing, herding, and stalking an artificial lure that we operate via motor.

Lure coursing is traditionally seen in competitive environments, with breed restrictions and many rules… but at Downtown Hound, we are anything but traditional. Our specialty is providing memorable experiences for you and your dog, centered around lure coursing in an atmosphere that is welcoming to all, no matter breed, background, or experience level.

“I’ve never seen anything like this! What an incredible thing to be able to see my dog participate in. We’re hooked!”

-First time participant

Why Lure Coursing is so Beneficial?

Watching your dog take those fast turns around the course is going to give you more than just some cool pictures…

Lure coursing offers endless benefits to both your dog, and you! The mental and physical stimulation that your dog experiences on the course, is a result of them channeling their natural prey instinct that allows them to actively problem solve, and think through a physically active sport. This leaves you with a tired, satisfied dog that is more willing to listen, train, or just relax after burning their excess energy.    

I don’t know which I like more, watching him enjoy himself so much on the course, or the tired dog I get to bring home and relax with as a result!” 

Tampa Bay Participant