Does my dog need to have done this before?

No! Most of our runners started with us never having run before. Our fun run track is perfect for dogs and puppies that have never tried this activity, and are looking to build skill, confidence, and stamina. We take pride in providing courses that are welcoming for first time runners, all the way up to seasoned pros.

How many dogs run at a time?

Each dog gets their own private time on the course. Lure Coursing works off natural instinct so for safety, dogs run alone. Multiple dogs from the same household are welcome to run together if course size permits.

How much does it cost?

Starting in May of 2023, Downtown Hound hosted events, fun runs are $15 and Fast Dash is $20. Our Run Club memberships help you to save money and keep your dogs running. There are different Run Club Membership levels to fit all budgets and each include a free run every month, and discounted continued runs. Be sure to check out the “Join Run Club” tab to start saving, and running more.

Where does this take place?

Our most consistent run spot is in Temple Terrace Florida, but we run all over the state. Be sure to check out the “Event Calendar” link to see where we will be next. We also offer a free year Platinum Run Club membership to anyone who is able to lead us to a space that is at least 160yds of flat straight land that is willing to allow us to host coursing events. This offer stands statewide.

Do I win anything?

At first glance, the primary reason to run your dog is for the mental and physical benefits. That said, in the Downtown Hound Run Club, we offer contests and timed events for members that could produce ribbons, prizes, and even jackpots.

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